Same-Day Dispatch

Orders placed with eGoods Supply by 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (US) are guaranteed to be shipped out on the same business day.

Guaranteed Quality

Every unit is subjected to our rigorous quality inspection to ensure its dependability and the steady performance of your server.

30-Day Warranty

It is a guarantee for your reassurance. Given our stringent quality control and packaging standards, it's likely you'll never have to use it.

Assistance and Advice

Require assistance? We're here for you. Reach out to us via phone during working hours or email us through our website anytime.
Who we are
eGoods Supply is a supplier of new and refurbished server components and networking products. Our combination of top-notch, dependable items and superior customer satisfaction provides IT professionals and corporate procurement departments with a distinctive chance to save costs without sacrificing quality.

Why purchase from eGoods Supply?

We provide our customers with competitive pricing, a wide array of dependable server components and networking products, the convenience of same-day dispatch, the option of drop shipping, and a 30-day worry-free warranty.

We also buy your used servers and components.

eGoods Supply is interested in acquiring both new and previously owned servers, as well as off-lease enterprise-grade computers and networking gear. Our aim is to assist customers in conserving space, money, and contributing to environmental sustainability. Get in touch with us to sell your server parts or networking products, and receive a competitive price in return.

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